RAW ProTips Box/24

by RAW
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Box of 24 Professional RAW tips
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RAW made these RAW ProTips for big PHATTY rolls as well as crazy custom rolls for the creatives on the RAWling team. Pro Rollers use these tips for over-the-top creations like the RAW Smokable Bicycle and the RAW Crossbow; it shoots burning cones! These tips are for pro smokers as latte art is to pro baristas.

Each RAW ProTip is made from the same natural, unprocessed paper as their classic Unbleached tips, as you would expect from RAW Rolling Papers. Not too thick and rolls up easy.

What's different is that for the adventurous roller, these Pro Tips offer that opportunity to go big as needed. That said, during the usual daily sesh, these filter tips can easily be reduced from the 1 massive Pro tip to 4 standard size RAW Unbleached Tips at the perforations. You are covered no matter which way you feel like rolling.

24 packs of Pro Tips per Box with 21 Pro Tips per pack (=84x standard sized tips)

Whether you want your filter to be art or just keep bits out of your mouth, RAW ProTips tips are the way to go. The thing with tips is that everyone rolls differently and has different preferences so RAW Rolling Papers is all about giving you exactly what you need to make that elusive perfect smoke. No chemical bleaching or chlorine used in any RAW tips.

A Few Good Reasons To Use RAW Pro Tips Filters:
Tips prevent soggy, sloppy, clogging cigarette ends.
Tips conserve your herbs, no more wasted ends!
Tips strengthen and give your joint a better shape and feel.
Tips prevent herbs from getting in your mouth!
RAW Pro Tips allow you to roll up artful designs within your tips or go super phat.

As with all RAW Papers and Rolling Accessories carried by 1 Percent, this is real deal RAWthentic. No fake RAW tips here. We were the first to sell RAW online, since the very first pack of RAW Natural arrived from Spain in 2005!

There is a limited supply of all RAW filter tips at the moment. If you need RAW tips and you see your favorite tips in stock, buy them.