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RAW 2-Way 79mm Eco Rolling Machine

by: RAW

RAW 2-Way 79mm Eco Rolling Machine Zoom

RAW 2-Way 79mm Eco Rolling Machine

by: RAW
Roll both fat and skinny single wide RAW joints with this hemp plastic roller

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Like to keep your joint rolling options open? Then the 79mm RAW 2 Way Rolling Machine is for you. Roll quick and perfect every time in 2 styles in the 1 1/4 size. Fits from single wide up to 1 1/2 rolling papers for when you like to keep it personal. Roll cones or straight with the flip of a switch.

Made from a hemp plastic composite for the only eco friendly roller. Of course brought to you by RAW Rolling Papers but works with any single wide rolling paper; they don't discriminate.

As with all RAW, this rolling machine is guaranteed 100% Rawthentic when purchased from 1 Percent.

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7 Reviews

Review by Kyle
  • 5.0
79mm 2 way roller
Works great! Comes just as advertised. Easy and simple. Great two-way roller for both tight or loose. Great purchase.
Review by Jfer
  • 2.0
Feels Flimsy
It works, but it really feels flimsy. I'm petite, with small hands and not very strong but everytime I use it, I feel like I'm going to break it.
Review by Joshua
  • 3.0
2 way roller
It’s alright. I still think the original 79mm roller can roll fatter J’s than this thing. Raw for life!
Review by Jon
  • 5.0
#1 Best rolling machine!
RAW never disappoints and definitely didn’t this time. The adjustable rolling machine is great if you want to roll smaller thinner joints up to bigger regular sized joints.
Review by Robert
  • 5.0
Super easy to use. Even for someone that cant roll.
Review by Brandon
  • 5.0
Great Product
I started getting into the RAW products a few months back. since then they are the only company I use and trust when it comes to adding some things into my collection, or use for my hobbie. The eco rolling machine is so helpful when wanting to roll up a quick j on the road, or when you're chilling on the couch and don't want to do all the work.
Review by John
  • 5.0
Perfect j everytime no matter how much or how little used

7 Reviews

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