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RAW Rolling Machine Replacement Aprons 2 Pack

by: RAW

RAW Rolling Papers Auto Roll Metal Box 110mm Zoom

RAW Rolling Machine Replacement Aprons 2 Pack

by: RAW
Refresh your RAW Rolling Machine with 2 new rolling aprons

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RAW Rolling Machines are all kinds of eco-friendly with the hemp plastic cradle and all but there's a weak link; the soft rolling apron or sleeve. Rolling aprons get dirty, they get sticky, they get stretched out from heavy use. Now they can be replaced!

Choose the size you need:
110mm Rolling Aprons fit the King Size Rolling Machine
79mm Rolling Aprons fit the 1 1/4 Size Rolling Machine
70mm Rolling Aprons fit the Single Wide Size Rolling Machine

Replace your rolling apron easy like. Pop out the rolling pins on the notched side, slide off the old apron, and slide on the fresh and clean one. It's like a brand new rolling machine. Get 2 spare aprons in each 2 pack which covers you for a good long time.

Rest assured, 1 Percent sells only genuine RAW Rolling Papers and Rolling Accessories; since the dawn of the 1st RAW Natural Papers back in 2005.

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