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RAW + Roor Glass Filter w/ Flat Tip

by: RAW

RAW + Roor Slim Glass Filter w/ Flat Tip Zoom

RAW + Roor Glass Filter w/ Flat Tip

by: RAW
RAW Glass Joint Filters for Classier Rolling!

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Limited Edition RAW + Roor Slim Glass PhunckyFeel Tip for Rolling Classy Joints

The RAW + Roor Slim Glass Joint Filter Tip is a glass version of the paper crutch/filter tip. Flat tip version if that's what you prefer. Keeps material out of your mouth, keeps the end of the joint from getting soggy and makes it a tiny bit easier to roll the perfect joint as well. Not to mention a glass joint filter tip in the end of your smoke is just about as Classy as it gets.

This Rawthentic Phuncky Feel Filter Tip is a collab between RAW Rolling Papers and Roor Glass and works with any size rolling paper though bigger is always better. Same guys who brought you the Cypress Hill Phuncky Feel Tips with the RAW styling. Approximate size of each slim filter is 3 1/8 inches tall and 1/3 inch in diameter.

If already rolling your own with the Quintessential Hemp coated filter tip definitely give these glass joint tips a try for the special occasions.

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4 Reviews

Review by Digitaldecay
  • 5.0
I don’t often take the time to write a review for a product. However, this is worth the 5 minutes out of my life. I’ve used lots of different “filters”, and this is hands down the best product I’ve come across. The wide intake causes a steady consistent burn which practically eliminates runs. I really can’t say enough great things about this. I just wish I could get a value pack of them.
Review by Mike b
  • 5.0
Must have for raw fans
Smooth high quality glass tip hits better than my other phuncky feel tip
Review by Plu toes
  • 5.0
Great quality from ROOR
This flat glass piece is great for any smoker. The design is perfect and lets for good hits. I'm going to pick up a few more for friends because they loved it. Buy this if you want quality from RooR.
Review by Nick
  • 5.0
I love this filter is one of the best
These things are awesome they make joints & blunts 10x better. When you hit the j or blunt it's a real smooth hit. Rolling with these makes my joints and blunts way classier. They are also real easy to clean. These tips are a def 5/5 I recommend them to all my friends

4 Reviews

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