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RAW x Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder Purple

by: RAW

RAW x Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder Purple Zoom

RAW x Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder Purple

by: RAW
American 4 pc grinder via RAW Rolling Papers

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RAW has joined forces with Santa Cruz Shredders to create a great American Made grinder/sifter collaboration.

We all know who Raw Rolling Papers are since 1 Percent has carried since day 1; over 11 years ago. Santa Cruz Shredder is new @ 1 Percent however. An advanced engineering company specializing in grinders made in the USA. They innovate, design and manufacture high-precision, quality and smooth functioning grinders. The Santa Cruz Shredder tooth design features a unique serrated tooth design.

Revolutionary Design:
- Innovative inverted rectangular tooth design with serrated edge.
- Rare earth magnet used in the lid closure
- Ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum
- Unique threading pattern, friction ring and textured grip

Truly Scratch Resistant:
- No more scratches, fingerprints or cross- threading problems.
- Aerospace anodized protective coating.

Excellent Pollen Screen:
- Precision woven, non-fraying stainless steel screens.
- Highest quality stainless steel mesh available

Cuts like butter and fluffs to perfection. Any pollen that falls off is collected in the bottom chamber for a special surprise down the road.

Every element of the Shredder has been analyzed and improved upon, from the tooth design and threading pattern to the pollen sifting system. This anodized aluminum herb Shredder from Santa Cruz Shredders is some of that new herb grinder technology.

Made in USA (Santa Cruz, CA)

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