RAW Six Shooter LEAN Cone Filler

by RAW
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Easy cone filling of 1, 2, 3, or 6 pre-rolled RAW LEAN Cones
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The RAW Six Shooter helps you load up 1 cone, 2 cones, 3 cones or even 6 RAW Pre rolled Lean Cones. Filled and ready to go in less than a minute! The Six Shooter gives you the option of filling pre-rolled cones without mess or wasting herbs. Simply load up the number of pre-rolled cones you want and you're halfway there! Pack in your smoking content tightly, give it a tap or two and done. Minimal effort, minimal waste, no mess.

This RAW Six Shooter design was inspired by an old Spanish millstone. Just loosen the center pin and dial the plate to the quantity you want to fill: 1, 2, or 3! If you want to fill 6 then just remove the plate. Be sure you replace the pin (doubles as a poker) before filling though to keep herbs from getting in the hole.

The RAW Six Shooter fits Lean Sized Cones. This cone loader is Specific to those RAW pre rolled cones and may not work with other sizes.

New RAW Lean Six Shooter from RAW Rolling Papers
Measures up at 3.5in diameter x 7in high. The 6 Shooter is compact!
Fits LEAN Pre-Rolled Cones as in RAW Natural LEAN Cones
Also doubles as a cone holder between sessions
Detailed instructions on how to fill your cones included inside the handy storage tube.

No worries if you prefer the standard 1 1/4 or King Sized cones to this Lean size. There's a RAW Six Shooter available for both those Cones too.

1 Percent has sold genuine RAW papers and accessories since they first started way back in 2005. No worries about getting a fake here! We buy direct :-)
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  • 5

    Posted by Amber on Apr 28, 2021

    "Love this thing. If this is your favorite size cone,why wouldn't you get this?"

  • 4
    A good product That works

    Posted by Fred on Mar 22, 2021

    "Had trouble with it at first,but watched the video on line and now it works great.."

  • 4
    "Great idea,could use improvements"

    Posted by Hyper on Dec 12, 2020

    "If you're buying lean cones,this is the filler you need. This new updated version of the original six shooter is made from strong quality earth-friendly eco plastic. The anti-static claim isn't exactly true as material does stick to the inner tubes (you'll have to brush them out with a pipe cleaner). It's also difficult to pack your material tightly at the tip. Those small issues aside,it does what it's supposed to."