RAW Smell Proof DOPP Kit

by RAW
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Water-proof travel bag from RAW Rolling Papers with internal smell proof herb pouch

The RAW DOPP Kit is ruggedly reliable to stand up to years of travel and use. Discrete RAW branding on the exterior and designed to keep your stash and accessories dry with odors on the down low.

The outer shell of the RAW DOPP Kit is smell-proof, water-proof and built to withstand heavy use in any conditions. The integrated and removable carbon lined interior RAW smell proof pouch can be used separately or as a bag within the bag. Lockable with included RAW combination lock. Pairs well with a RAW Life grinder.

RAW's Smell Proof interior pouch offers a higher level of odor containment and weather proof protection. The exterior shell design shut air tight and air tight means no odors escaping and terpenes in check. The secondary RAW carbon lined pouch neutralizes and trap odors, therefore, reducing the amount of odors released when bags are opened.

The RAW DOPP Kit's internal pouch uses carbon padding to help capture most odors. Additionally, the coated weather-proof fabric and zipper provide a barrier to keep most odors in and the elements out. To re-activate the interior pouch's carbon lining, simply pop it in the dryer for 5 minutes on low.

For triple smell proofness and the ultimate terpene preservation pick up some 1 Percent Smell Proof Bags for a bag within a bag within a bag!

Last but far from least is the RAW padlock, built to lock the case and keep your legal herbs and RAW accessories safe from little hands and prying eyes.

These new RAW smell proof cases are for the professional smoker. Protect your herbs and small RAW accessories while you travel in style with this RAW DOPP Kit.

RAW DOPP Kit Dims:
9in x 5in x 3.25in (229mm x 127mm x 83mm)

RAW DOPP Kit Features:
Durable Exterior
Removable Carbon Lined Bag with Pockets
Lockable w/ Included RAW Combination Lock
Also great for transporting portable vaporizers including the Crafty+ or Mighty+

1 Percent has sold genuine RAW Rolling Papers and accessories since they first launched way back in 2005. No worries about getting a fake DOPP Kit here! We buy our RAW gear direct from Josh :-)


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    Posted by Hydroblaze on Feb 07, 2021

    "This bag is perfect for the outdoors fishing and even everyday use,i personally like it because i can keep all my stuff in one place,locked up and odor proof!! Also has neat little pockets inside and one outside... very durable feel and pretty strong zippers to keep your material undetected..."