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RAW Spirit Box

by: RAW

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RAW Spirit Box

by: RAW
Combo wood stash box and rolling tray from RAW Rolling Papers

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The RAW Spirit Box is a combo stash box and magnetic rolling tray in one, designed to help unleash your smoke spirits.

The top tray has a raised lip on 3 sides so you can easily prep, stash and store your spirits and RAW rolling supplies.

There are 8 multi-sized tip holders for rolled cones or hand rolls and smoothed carve-outs for your rolling paper, filter tips and any other rolling supplies you might need for preparing the perfect RAW smokes.

Right away, you'll notice how solid and heavy this beautiful RAW Spirit Box is. The embedded rubber gasket not only reduces herb odors but keep everything fresher in between sessions. Measures up at 8.1in x 11.75in x 2.4in when closed.

- Combo stash box and rolling tray from RAW Rolling Papers
- Solid heavy wood
- 8.1in x 11.75in x 2.4in closed
- Magnetic top w/ embedded rubber gasket
- Top tray features raised lip on 3-sides
- 8 multi-sized holes for holding cones & hand rolls

As always, no worries about getting ripped off with some cheap fake here. This RAW Spirit Box rolling tray as well as all RAW Rolling Papers are guaranteed RAWthentic when purchased from 1 Percent.

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