RAW Stainless Steel Shredder 50mm

by RAW
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2in Stainless steel 4 piece herb grinder/sifter from RAW Rolling Papers
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This new 50mm RAW Stainless Steel Shredder is ~2x stronger than aluminum herb grinders. More importantly, stainless steel is less reactive with plant materials than aluminum. What this means is that the 4 piece RAW Stainless herb grinder/sifter is less likely to alter the flavor or your material. Pretty, pretty good.

Back to this mid sized herb grinder's strength; a Stainless Steel grinder is much much stronger than even the finest "aircraft" aluminum. Obviously it's way stronger than plastic as well. No metal shavings or plastic bits will end up in your herb no matter how much you grind. This RAW grinder really shreds the herb.

A possible downside of Stainless Steel herb grinders are that it costs a lot more to make one compared to relatively cheap aluminum; RAW is cutting a grinder out of heavy duty steel rather than softer materials and that steel is also way more expensive. If you smoke daily you deserve it though.

Keep in mind that Stainless Steel grinders are also going to be much heavier. This baby weighs almost a pound. Some might say this is a feature though as it is a truly substantial grinder with considerable heft. The luxury is undeniable.

Regardless, RAW is always on that mission to bring smokers the best of the best. They also produce the best selling RAW Life Grinder if you're looking for something a little more affordable and utilitarian. In the end you get to decide which grinder checks all the right boxes for you.

This work of art from RAW is a 4 Piece Stainless Steel Grinder with built in kif catcher screen.

The RAW Stainless Steel Shredder is available in 50mm (~2 in) & 60mm (~2.4 in) diameters; while supplies last.

RAW Shredders come complete in a gift box for the ultimate RAW gift.


RAW Stainless Steel Shredder 60mm Features:
Stainless Steel!
Grinder/Sifter 4 Piece style
50mm / ~2 inch diameter
Magnetized lid
Precision cut teeth
Friction ring and textured grip
Gift box for storage, transport and (the best) gift giving.

All RAW Stainless Steel Shredders are Guaranteed Rawthentic when purchased at 1 Percent.