RAW Terp Spray Purple Gelato

by RAW
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RAW botanically extracted terpenes to spritz your RAW Rolling Paper, RAW Cone or on your smoking material
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These new RAW "Experiential" Terpenes are botanically extracted terpenes to help unlock the true power of the plant. Spritz a pump of RAW Purple Gelato Terp Spray onto your RAW Rolling Paper, RAW Cone, or directly on your smoking material.

RAW Purple Gelato Terp Spray with the dominant Terps of Caryophyllene are sometimes considered the terp that mimics a Cannabinoid!

Caryophyllene binds to CB2 receptors and may have a calming effect. It can also help moderate over-achieving CB1 binds as some people say it helps moderate anxiety, paranoia and couch lock.

Some have the experience that this terp brings them back when seriously zonked. Like a rubber band that changes from a vertical stretch to more of a horizontal one; turning a short peaked mountain into a longer more gradual hill.

Terps are one of the first things to dissipate from material (if you can smell it, it's dissipating). Now you can add terps back in and elevate to a whole new level!

Directions: Lightly spray your target with the RAW Terps, wait six minutes before lighting and then get ready to Enjoy!

RAW Purple Gelato Terp Spray comes in a pocket friendly 5ml misting spray bottle.

As with all RAW Rolling Accessories offered by 1 Percent, this is real deal RAWthentic. We were the first to offer RAW online; since it launched in 2005. We don't need to sell fakes because we don't have to pay for Jeff Bezos' yacht that follows his other bigger yacht!