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RAW Trident 3 Joint Holder

by: RAW

RAW Trident 3 Joint Holder Zoom

RAW Trident 3 Joint Holder

by: RAW
Limited Edition RAW joint Innovation!

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Limited Edition RAW Trident 3 Joint Holder

One Joint at a time not quite enough for you? How about 3 at once? Added benefit is that it's way more efficient at a party; go from Puff Puff Pass to just Puff Pass.

Keep in mind that you have options here; Smoke 3 joints at one time or just go with 2 and use the 3rd hole for a carb. You may have never guessed you needed a smoking device like this but thanks to RAW Innovation, you now do. Very limited quantities.

This Rawthentic hand made wood holder has been brought to you by RAW Rolling Papers but works with just about any rolling paper or pre-rolled cone. If rolling your own be sure to include a Quintessential Hemp coated filter tip for a better fit, improved taste and smoother draw.


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3 Reviews

Review by Eric
  • 5.0
Great for Parties
It's a novelty for sure. BUT...When you want to start a conversation, RAW has you covered. Break this baby out at a party and have some fun. It is beautifully made and quite functional.
Review by Tyler
  • 5.0
Buy this now!
Every person I introduce this to is mesmerized and wants to instantly try it. Works like a charm.
Review by Ralph
  • 5.0
Might be the best invention ever. I found myself smoking 3 joints back to back to back, but with this it saves time & a lot more efficient. Definitely worth it. Not to mention it's a perfect design

3 Reviews

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