RAW Wooden Pour Rolling Tray

by RAW
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Carved wood rolling tray with pour spout from RAW

This RAWsome wood rolling tray is made from beautiful acacia wood and includes a built-in pouring spout! Do your business, break up those herbs, roll some smokes then funnel what's left back into the bag when done to keep it fresh.

This new RAW wood rolling tray is carved from sustainable acacia wood with curved edges. The Acacia tree is the source of RAW's natural acacia gum found on the gumline of every RAW rolling paper.

Water-resistant, washable and easy to keep clean, the RAW Wooden Pour Rolling Tray is a manageable rolling tray size that measures up at ~8.5 x 11.5 x 1in. Being that it's hand carved wood it may vary slightly from the picture and those measurements.

This RAW wood rolling tray with spout is adultin' at it's finest! Display it proudly so friends know you’re classy and life is good. It even includes a linen drawstring pouch for storing it.

As always, no worries about getting ripped off with some cheap fake here. This RAW Wooden Pour Rolling Tray as well as all RAW Rolling Papers are guaranteed RAWthentic when purchased from 1 Percent.