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Res Gel Glass Pipe Cleaning Solution

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Res Gel Glass Pipe Cleaning Solution

Gel based Glass, Metal & Ceramic pipe cleaner

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Res Gel cleaner is engineered to give your glass pipe the best clean you can get with a reduced environmental impact. The natural, clay-based cleaning formula easily removes resin and tar from your glass bongs, rigs, bowls, stems, steamrollers, tools, grinders, jars, hands and even clothes.

The Res Gel formula is free of abrasive salts and is low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) making it safer on your glass and friendlier on your environment.

Res Gel cleaning solution comes in an innovative Shake-a-Bag, a resealable pouch that makes cleaning your bowls, stems, chillums, and other small smoking accessories a breeze. No more excuses for dirty glass or metal pipes. Just drop them in and shake.

Warning: Do Not Use Res Gel on Acrylic pipes or other soft plastics. This includes the Extension tubes for the Fumo Pipe. Similar warnings to the Formula 420 Glass Cleaner. Cleans Pyrex, Glass, Metal and Ceramics.

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