Santa Cruz Shredder 3pc Hemp Grinder

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3 piece Santa Cruz herb grinder with eco friendlier hemp plastic
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The newest colors of the Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinders are still made from a hemp bio plastic, stepped up to 3 pieces. This grinder lasts a good long time (years+ in production) when using to shred your herbs. This hemp grinder is extremely durable in these new colors with hemp bits!

What does a 3rd piece bring to the table? Storage. Now as you grind, the shredded herbs collect below the grinder. Take out as little or as much as you need.

Despite it's pocket friendly size and eco-friendly hemp construction, this Santa Cruz Shredder grinds up the fluffiest of the fluffy with ease. Precision teeth just like the aircraft aluminum Santa Cruz Shredders.

The approximate external diameter is 2 1/8 inches with an approximate height of 2 inches.

Natural Hemp
Natural color
Compostable Label
Travel Friendly
Extremely Durable
Stays Sharp
Fluffy Grind
Unique Tooth Design
Collection chamber/storage

Genuine Santa Cruz Hemp Shredders are Made in the USA