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Screenless Sneak a Smoke

Screenless Sneak a Smoke in 6 colors Zoom

Screenless Sneak a Smoke

Screenless + Smokeless pocket one hitter

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Upgrade your classic, stealthy Sneak a Smoke pocket pipe with this matte anodized and screen-less model; 100% Made in the USA. Smokeless smoking and one hitter action so perfect for when you need to "sneak". The best part of a sneak a smoke is that it self-extinguishes when you stop drawing to conserve herb and limit second hand smoke.

What makes this Sneak a Smoke model different from the classic you know and love is that the inside does not require a screen. Just load and go. Rather than the usual wide open path through the mouthpiece, there is a series of small holes to allow smoke through while keeping the ash and herb out of your mouth. That said, if you want to add an additional screen to keep it cleaner, longer, you totally can.

A comfortable rubber mouthpiece completes the pipe. Additionally, the octagonal ridges on the rubber mouthpiece keep it from rolling off the table. Premium all the way.

Sneak a Smoke pipes are ideal for cutting back on your tobacco intake. Use it take one hit at a time instead of a whole roll up cigarette. Pack enough for a few hits on the go. This pipe is the perfect stealth companion to the What Smell? Smoke Filter. A herb grinder also very helpful for the most efficient smoke on the go.

Available in Black, Blue, Purple, Green, Silver and Gunmetal Grey. Please feel free to specify any color preference(s) on the order form under Special Instructions; right before completion of checkout.

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Review by Massammas
  • 3.0
Screw off tip
As a long time smoker, '71, I have cut back in my older days. He nice if you could make one that had another set of threads so you could reduce the bowl size. I do use for quick good and put away. Works great first half when full but hard to lite after half full. Would love to have capability to screw tip off unscrew the next section and screw tip to half size. I end up as it is designed now taking apart as if I'm going to refill and only using bottom part as a chillum or pipe.
Review by Mario
  • 5.0
Great little pipe
This is a great lil pocket pipe, easy to carry, clean, and smoke. I'm very happy with this order! thank you!
Review by GanjaMama
  • 5.0
I love these little pipes, they are the perfect size, easy to clean and use... and so inexpensive... I highly recommend them and 1 percent!
Review by JH32
  • 4.0
Works great for what I needed it to be
Works great for quick and discreet use! Only thing I’d say is that it doesn’t burn all of the product, just down through the middle.
Review by Tuesday
  • 2.0
Needs a screen
I wasn't a fan of this product and ended up throwing it out; I see other reviewers loving the screenless option, but for me this product was a no-go.
Review by steve
  • 5.0
Screen less is the best
i have a couple faux cigarette lighter sneak a smoke and they dont have screes in them and are ok.
After getting this screen less sneak a smoke this works 10 times better than my old other ones.
you had me at screenless
Review by Scoobs
  • 5.0
Great Buy
I admit that when this arrived and I opened it, I thought there had been a mistake; it looked like it needed a screen. But nope, it doesn't! Genius and discreet. Great buy.
Review by RAYray
  • 5.0
Definitely worth it
quick shipping
Review by GYPSY122
  • 5.0
This is a perfect product for one or to share… The fact that screenless makes a huge difference… Highly recommended
Review by Adrian
  • 4.0
Nice Product
It's a nice pipe. But it would help if the barrel wasn't so long because when u get low it's almost impossible to light it.
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1-10 of 20 Reviews

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