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Slim Rosewood Herb Grinder

Slim Rosewood Herb Grinder Zoom

Slim Rosewood Herb Grinder

Slim wood grinder w/ shaped edges

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This super slim Rosewood Herb Grinder is fashioned from aged & cured plantation-grown rosewood, stainless steel pins, and magnets to hold it together. Offers an excellent ergonomic designed and is designed for the long haul. Guaranteed not to warp with regular use.

All 1905 grinders are precision made by high tech machines instead of underpaid workers in developing countries. You can easily see the difference in quality. Includes drawstring stash bag.

1905 Grinders

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7 Reviews

Review by Chris
  • 4.0
Works well but...
In the long haul it gathers a gummy residue that makes it difficult to use. After scraping it clean as I could it is better but still not smooth.
Review by Evan
  • 4.0
Nice grinder
Well, more of a "shredder" than a true grinder, resulting in a coarser herb. I like how clean the tines stay after continued use compared to a traditional grinder design.

In hindsight I might have gone with one of the other two styles of this product so there's more to hold onto when grinding the herb.
Review by Dru
  • 4.0
Right price right grind love the wood!
Review by Ralph
  • 5.0
Great product
I could not get by without mine. I like that it tears it up and does not grind it
Review by Marcel
  • 4.0
A good coarse grind
I really like the rosewood grinder, it does the job well, and it cost much less than aluminum with sharp teeth.
  • 3.0
Pretty good Grinder
Looks very nice, overall quality is good. If putting in nugs without much break up before hand, can be a little tough to grind up and will occasionally have some resistance. Do it enough and it works though.
Review by Paul
  • 5.0
Nice grinder
Very elegant grinder. Matches my Jack Herer pipe (sort of).

7 Reviews

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