White Slyme Dot Spoon Pipe

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Glass spoon pipe w/slyme color dot
Pick up this super affordable, handblown Sugar Matty's White Glass Slyme Dot Spoon Pipe. It's your standard spoon pipe with a green Slyme dot opposite the carb for contrast.

What is Slyme? Ectoplasmic! One of the most unusual colors in the glass palette, Slyme is a custom color somewhere between Ghostbusters and Mountain Dew.

Handblown means each and every glass pipe is unique. This pipe measures up at about 3.75-4" long with the widest part ~1.75" across.

Sugar Matty is the guy to go to for cool yet affordable American glass; blown a few hours away from us in Boston.

Handblown in the USA (Boston, MA)


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    Great bowl!

    Posted by Meggie on Jul 13, 2020

    "I love my new pipe,it's so pretty. Of course it works like a dream. A very good buy!"

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    Very solid

    Posted by Taidye on Dec 09, 2019

    "I was looking for an inexpensive,hand blown spoon pipe and found this. It's super solid and thick; and the color is very vibrant. The carb hole is the perfect size and all around very solid"

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    Great for Me

    Posted by Judith on Jul 31, 2016

    I love this pipe so much I ordered another one in case I break it. It's skinny and small and holds just enough. Fits so nicely in my hand and BONUS the whole pipe glows if you use it in the dark. Very happy.

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    Slime for anytime

    Posted by MrWakenBake on May 03, 2015

    I recently picked this piece because I broke my sherlock. I'd won a giveaway from the site and needed a quick piece until I was able to buy the dab rig I wanted. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made for a piece in a longtime. Hits very nicely and it's compact for quick and easy stashing. It starts to change color around the green dot at the top since I just started using it. Anyone looking for an affordable piece would be remissed to not get this.