Light Blue Slyme Dot Spoon Pipe

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Glass spoon pipe w/slyme color dot
Pick up this super affordable, handblown Sugar Matty's Light Blue Glass Slyme Dot Spoon Pipe. It's your standard spoon pipe with a translucent light blue glass and a green Slyme dot opposite the carb for contrast.

What is Slyme? Ectoplasmic! One of the most unusual colors in the glass palette, Slyme is a custom color somewhere between Ghostbusters and Mountain Dew.

Handblown means each and every glass pipe is unique. This pipe measures up at about 3.75-4" long with the widest part ~1.75" across.

Sugar Matty is the guy to go to for cool yet affordable American glass; blown a few hours away from us in Boston.

Handblown in the USA (Boston, MA)