Small Cigarette Bat

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Small cigarette style one hitter. Fits all small dugouts @ 1 Percent
Compact cigarette style bat. Fits our small size one hitter boxes or great little stealth bat on it's own. 2 and 1/8 inches long.

Ideal for when you are trying to quit cigarettes and want to reduce your intake of Tobacco.


  • 5
    Works great nice small hole

    Posted by Kirk on Feb 09, 2023

    Will purchase again

  • 5
    Excellent bat.

    Posted by Irina on Jun 04, 2020

    "A great cigarette bat holds good and very discreet to use ;-)"

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    The classic. #nevergetsold

    Posted by Andrea on Jul 16, 2018

    Been using this baby forever. No one ever thinks it’s anything but a cigarette. <br>Perfect.

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    Small Cigarette Bat

    Posted by Melinda on Apr 22, 2018

    These are a nice replacement for dugout. Should buy more to have on hand.

  • 5

    Posted by LARRY on Aug 30, 2016

    "Good size,discreet"

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    Works great

    Posted by Jason on May 30, 2015

    Not too shallow like most. Great pipe

  • 4

    Posted by Michelle on Feb 10, 2015

    Cant find these anywhere!

  • 4

    Posted by KB on Dec 05, 2014

    More convenient than longer version

  • 4

    Posted by Eugene on Sep 06, 2014

    Good enough to give to my friends as gifts ( enough said ). I use a tiny bit of screen to stop hot ash on short bats. Good load capacity but can get a bit warm .

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    Stealth meets frugality

    Posted by Tod on Mar 04, 2014

    "This is how I smoke 90% of the herbs that I buy. It fits perfectly in the change pocket of my jeans and is my constant companion. I perfect hit will be held in until nothing is left to exhale. If you light it and puff like a cigarette,you can smoke anywhere tobacco smoking is allowed. I used the bat in restaurants in Europe without ever being looked at funny. The best part is you use less herbs than any other smoking method by far. The downside is they get gross pretty quick so I always have a bottle of rubbing alcohol and pipe cleaners handy in my kitchen. I buy them by the dozen so if I always have a fresh one "