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Small Quartz Glass Cigarettes Box/20

Original Quartz Cigarette Glass One Hitter Bats wholesale box of 20 Zoom

Small Quartz Glass Cigarettes Box/20

20x Small cigarette style glass one hitter bats

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Get a full box of 20 of The Original Small Quartz Glass Cigarette one hitter bats. Colorless glass made of almost pure silica guarantees a better tasting smoking experience compared to aluminum bats.

This small quartz glass one hitter is the perfect upgrade to your small dugout, Krypto kit or even just your change pocket. One Hitter bats have never looked or tasted better than this quartz glass one in a cigarette disguise! Each small quartz bat is 2.25 inches long with beveled tip

Quartz one hitter bats are ideal for when you are trying to quit cigarettes and want to reduce your intake of tobacco or just smoke some legal herbs.

Box of 20 in counter box

The Original Quartz Cigarette is Made in the USA
Original Quartz Glass Cigarette

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