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Small Quartz Glass One Hitter Bat

Quartz Glass One Hitter Small Bat Zoom

Small Quartz Glass One Hitter Bat

Small cigarette style glass one hitter bat
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For those tokers with discerning tastes and limited space there is the American made small quartz glass one hitter cigarette bat. Colorless glass made of almost pure silica guarantees a better tasting smoking experience compared to aluminum bats.

This glass one hitter is the perfect upgrade to your small dugout, smell proof bag or even just your change pocket. One Hitter bats have never looked or tasted better than this quartz glass one in a cigarette disguise! Each small quartz bat is 2.25 inches long with beveled tip

One hitter bats are ideal for when you are trying to quit cigarettes and want to reduce your intake of tobacco or just smoke some legal herbs.

The Original Quartz Cigarette is Made in the USA
Original Quartz Glass Cigarette

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Review by Qwik
  • 5.0
Simple, Small, Cools fast!
Been buying these for years from 1%. Perfect for your tini jean pocket. Non magnetic if you go through a detector. Pack 3, poke a small hole on the edge for draw, tuck em in your jeans, your good all day! The glass cools fast also vrs metal ones. Did I mention their non magnetic? Great for vacations too!
Review by Melinda
  • 5.0
Small Quartz Glass Cigarette Bat
Perfect fit for my dugout. Easy to clean. I peeled the tape off just to save the hassle later on.
Pretty durable. Just don't throw it down on cement.
Review by Nobody
  • 5.0
Better BAT
I prefer the quartz or glass smoking utensil over the aluminum ones. I like how in the dark, you can see a slight glow inside when you hit it.
Review by Melanie
  • 5.0
Way better than metal bats
Easily fits my dugout, easy to load and clean, no nasty metallic taste.
Review by Mike
  • 5.0
Small quartz bat
Great bat! Thought it would be to close to my face when lit. But it's just right. I swear 1percent has the one stop shop for all my needs. Easy clean and looks exactly as the description. Thanks again 1percent!
Review by Peacedog
  • 5.0
Great smoking
Small, compact and fits perfectly in a small dugout. Easy to clean and gives a good size hit with each load. Great for a quick smoke.
Review by Jim
  • 4.0
Longer than expected
This bat is a bit longer than the metal one that came with my dugout. So long that I had to drill my dugout a bit deeper so I could close the dugout lid with this bat in place. Works great as long as you don't drill clean through! I plan to replace that 'filter' tape with some nail polish to last longer.
Review by JAS
  • 4.0
Much better than the aluminum, clean draw. Easy to clean but when soaking in alcohol plastic filter fell off. Non filter look is okay!
Review by Cody
  • 4.0
We love it! The sticker fell off
I bought this for my girlfriends dugout. It's way better than the cheap aluminum bat that came with it, but the sticker that looks like a cigarette but fell off already.
Review by Kendall
  • 4.0
Work great
Works great. Wish it was painted on like others rather than a sticker
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1-10 of 52 Reviews

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