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Small Rosewood Dugout w/Poker

by: RYOT

Small RoseWood Dugout Zoom

Small Rosewood Dugout w/Poker

by: RYOT
Small Dugout w/one hitter bat & poker

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This Dugout smoking system is cut from Rosewood and completed with a dual-purpose magnetic twist top lid. This not only keeps the lid closed but also secures a poker in the bottom!

Same size as your standard small dugout, each consists of a box, a poker, and a small cigarette style one hitter bat. Two compartments; one contains the cigarette bat, the other is used to store your herbal material. The poker and lid is held in place by an internal magnet. All precision machined and finished.

dugout smokingTo use, twist open the lid of the MPB, remove the cigarette, push the cigarette into the storage compartment and give it a twist. This will fill the end of the cigarette with enough smoking material for "one hit". When finished, simply use the included poker to clear the ash, replace the cigarette and poker, and close it up.

Dugout systems with one hitters are ideal for when you are trying to quit cigarettes and want to reduce your intake of Tobacco.

Made in Taiwan

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Review by Jennifer
  • 4.0
small rosewood dugout w/ poker
i found this newer design with the magnetic closure to be clumsy at first... but, now i like it!
i just wish that the actual dugout could hold more product.
Review by Capn Ahroo
  • 2.0
The design of the dugout is great and workmanship good. 2 problems, however - The chamber on the bat is way too deep at 5/8". Also, the depth of the dugout is way too shallow at 1 1/4".
Review by VapoFish
  • 5.0
Very nice!
I ordered the small version by mistake & corrected my order before it was shipped.

This review is for the full-sized Dugout.

Wow! What an improvement over older versions.

I've been using Dugouts for years and this is the nicest one I've owned.

I've used a ProtoPipe since the late 70s and love the built in poker - I'm glad Dugout added one too. Unlike another reviewer who thought the poker was inadequate for bat cleaning ... it worked fine for me as a cleaner.
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17-19 of 19 Reviews

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