Smoking DeLuxe King Size Cones 1000 Bulk Pack

by Smoking
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Bulk package of Smoking DeLuxe King Size pre-rolled cones
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This near perfect bulk pack of classic Smoking DeLuxe cones so you can roll out the pre-rolls with Spanish style. Just like your loose Smoking DeLuxe sheets, these cones have the same ultra-fine & nearly transparent rolling paper. The thinnest possible paper that will hold up as you fill these cones.

These King Size Smoking cones come neatly arranged in the bulk packs of 1,000 King Size cones sporting the new patented spiral design for the perfect fill and subsequent burn. 108mm long with a 26mm filter tip.

The new Smoking Deluxe cones still use the renowned slow burning DeLuxe paper for ultimate cone enjoyment. Finished with the classic red Smoking logo on the filter tip. for when you want to present the herbs inside in their best light.


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    Quality and Quantity unite

    Posted by Anthony C on Jan 12, 2024

    I feel like not too many people know about these cones, for starters the quality of the rice paper literally taste like white rice, and smooth and velvety, and you get 1000 of them that is literally awesome, I highly recommend this is you're a cone stuffer