Smoking Master 1 1/4 Rolling Papers 200 Pack

by Smoking
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Super slim, ultra thin rolling paper in an eco 200 Pack

The Smoking Master 1 1/4 is a ultra slim, ultra thin 'DeLuxe' riced rolling paper. Paper weight comes in at 13gsm while measuring a svelte 37x77 mm. These papers are even burning with a vegan, sustainably sourced acacia gum line. Flat stacked in this eco 200 papers pack.

This rolling paper from Smoking is the one professionals roll with due the minimal amount of paper in the final rolled smoke. Even if you're not quite a rolling pro yet, you can always start out with a rolling machine for that perfect smoke each and every time.

If you smoke a lot then you need to consider these 200 packs. Same great Smoking Master 1 1/4 paper but with an economical 200 leaves in a single pack!

FSC certified and chlorine free with recycled packaging and a tree planted for every box produced. You'll find only genuine Smoking Rolling Papers @ 1Percent since 1995

Paper Size:
1 1/4
Paper Style:
Length (mm):