Smoking Master #8 Rolling Papers

by Smoking
7 reviews
Ultra thin single wide rolling paper for professional rollers

Smoking brand Master #8 is a single wide version of the finest rolling paper. 37mm by 69mm with 60 leaves per packet. Even burning, natural gum. Stick tab on the back of each booklet so you can attach it to your tobacco pouch.

Smoking Master #8 replaced the Smoking #8 Blue long ago in the US market. Other than the color you shouldn't have noticed a difference.

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    master #8 papers full carton 50 packs

    Posted by KAinTexas on Oct 14, 2023

    best value and quality rolling papers. fast shipping great service from 1%

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    Rolling papers

    Posted by Redd on Aug 26, 2023

    If you like joints these are great for individual smokers. Strong, thin and tasteless. 60! in a pack.

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    Rolling papers

    Posted by Kathy B on Feb 23, 2023

    I ordered wrong size

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    Smoking Master #8 Rolling Papers the best!

    Posted by Ronald on Feb 23, 2020

    I have been buying from 1percent for over 10 years. They have the best selection and prices. I have been rolling my own for 20 years. The Smoking Master #8 Rolling Papers are the best for smoking and the best for price .I will stay with 1percent for another 10 years for there great prices and services.

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    Fantastic Paper!!!

    Posted by Teresa on Jun 18, 2018

    "After trying several different brands of papers to replace Hempire SW,which sadly no longer ships to the US,I found Smoking's rice papers to be the BEST! Nice weight and they roll easily. VERY mild flavor. Smoking's brown flax paper is also great and just as mild. Highly recommend Smoking's rice papers. I found my replacement!"

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    Perfect fit to medicate with...

    Posted by Joseph on Aug 10, 2014

    "I use these Smoking Master #8 to roll my favorite blend into a thin cigarette. (About have the size of a regular cigarette). These papers roll tight,burn slow & evenly. They don't change the flavor like other papers. Try the Quintessential filter tips sold here on 1%. Enjoy."

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    Next best thing to Modiano

    Posted by Jim on Jul 26, 2014

    "I've used Modiano Club papers for over 40 years due to the low (no) ash and lack of glue. these apparently are no longer made so I looked for an ultrathin rice paper substitute. The Smoking #8 are nearly as good,with a minimum of glue and slow-burning. I strongly recommend them to any previous Modiano fans."