Smoking 70mm Metal Rolling Machine

by Smoking
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Smoking Rolling Machine for Single Wide rolling papers
The Smoking Rolling Machine is the perfect way to roll your single-wide joints. Made of sturdy metal, this 70mm old-school metal rolling machine is an easy way to a quick and perfect every time.

The Smoking-branded lever ensures an even rolling in a smooth apron, and the built-in rolling-paper holder at the bottom ensures that you are ready to roll at any time! Instructions are included in this Smoking classic.

Non-stretch apron rolls up with 5mm filters (Ultra Slim) right up to 8mm filters (standard sized).

Smoking provides easy to follow instructions on the outside of the box and practice makes perfect.

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    "Perfect amount,perfect roll"

    Posted by Dylan on Jun 09, 2020

    "Love this guy! You can pack it as loose or tight as you might like,and with the SW sizing,it's the perfect amount for a single session. The instructions have huge pictures and are very easy to follow,and the metal quality seems to be very durable. Very happy with my purchase<br>"