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Space Case Grinder/Sifter Medium

Space Case Herb Grinder Sifter with Magnet Zoom

Space Case Grinder/Sifter Medium

Polished to perfection w/sifter for the professional smoker

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Space Case Grinder Sifters are cut from solid aircraft aluminum and polished to a high gloss. This grinder/sifter is made up of 4 pieces and 3 distinct stages:

Stage 1 is the grinder which easily shreds anything you sink its diamond shaped teeth into! Small holes allow the ground up material to pass to the second stage. A neodymium magnet securely holds it in place when not in use.

Stage 2 is the sifter and storage portion of the Space Case. All the medium size pieces are captured while the finer particles (pollen) make it through the stainless steel sifter screen.

The final stage is the pollen collection chamber. Pollen collects over time and can be then made into very special herbal concoctions using a pollen press.

Use the included Space Case scraper triangle to help remove material caught in the screen or crevices. The approximate external diameter is 2 3/8 inches with an approximate height of 1 7/8 inches.

Genuine SpaceCase Grinder Sifters are made in the USA from the finest materials and finished to perfection and as such cost a little more. Be careful of cheap knock-offs because only the real ones are guaranteed for life!.

Made In The USA
Space Case

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7 Reviews

Review by Eric
  • 5.0
Nothing beats a space case. PERIOD.
Review by Caroline
  • 5.0
Really nice
I have had a Space Case grinder for years, but never tried this one, with the kief chamber. Really well made, and works great!
Review by Bert
  • 5.0
Great Grinder
Review by Suzanne
  • 4.0
I like a smaller grind
I have the small Spacecase grinder and I like the texture of the grind a lot better than this one, but it is quicker if you're doing large quantities (for butter etc). I also think the holes for the ground "product" to fall into the lower chamber are too big.
Review by Richard
  • 5.0
Easy to use, well made
As the others have mentioned, easy and fast. A big upgrade from cheaper imports!
Review by Happy customer
  • 5.0
Awesome grinder!!!
The grinder, is so smooth, only 3 turns and everything is ground up properly, alot of space for your grinding needs, also the sifter work really well, does not clog up like the other cheap grinders.
Review by Steele
  • 5.0
Totally worth it...
Grinds and crushes with ease and the sifter part is totally worth the extra cash. When I used to grind with my fingers, all that pollen pretty much went wasted as you wiped or washed your hands but no more. Now saving all of it to put in my Space Case Pollen Press.

The medium is just the right size in my opinion. FYI, I turn it upside down at first when I grind. Makes the sifting part easier and really gets it down to finer particles to aid when using your vaporizer.

7 Reviews

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