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Space Case Titanium Grinder/Sifter Large

Space Case Titanium Grinder/Sifter Large Zoom

Space Case Titanium Grinder/Sifter Large

Largest herb grinder + sifter for the prolific smoker

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Space Case Titanium Grinder Sifters are cut from solid aircraft aluminum and anodized with a special titanium alloy. This finish takes the finest grinder and adds increased durability and scratch resistance as well as a non stick surface.

Space Case Titanium Grinder Sifters are made up of 4 pieces and 3 distinct stages:
Space Case Titanium grinder and pollen sifter

Stage 1 is the grinder which easily shreds anything you sink its diamond shaped teeth into! Small holes allow the ground up material to pass to the second stage. A neodymium magnet securely holds it in place when not in use.

Stage 2 is the sifter and storage portion of the Space Case. All the medium size pieces are captured while the finer particles (pollen) make it through the stainless steel sifter screen to the next stage.

The final stage is the pollen collection chamber. Pollen collects over time and can be then made into very special herbal concoctions using a pollen press. Use the included Space Case scraper triangle to help remove material caught in the screen or crevices.

The approximate external diameter is 3 1/2 inches with an approximate height of 2 3/4 inches. This is as big as it gets and can grind up, store and sift a substantial quantity at one time.

Genuine SpaceCase Grinder Sifters are made in the USA from the finest materials, finished to perfection and as such cost a little more. Guaranteed for life; No Questions Asked (if real)! Be wary of cheap knock-offs.

Made In The USA
Space Case

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Review by Sherry
  • 5.0
Fabulous Grinder
Grinder/Sifter works well, however on the pricey side. Must be the titanium. No regrets buying one. Shouldn't have to buy another one in my lifetime. The ground material is fluffy. Cutting material up with scissors is HISTORY.
Review by Colorado Toker
  • 5.0
My old space case is circa 1999 and still works. The care and workmanship that goes into this Titanium grinder has yet to be topped. If you want to buy a grinder once... or in my case every 16+ years then go space case. Support Made in USA.
Review by Bill
  • 5.0
This product works as advertised. Fair price.
Review by Bev
  • 5.0
The Perfect Grinder
I bought this grinder with the intention of never having to get another grinder. So far it seems like my intentions are going to be fulfilled because the quality of this grinder is the best I have ever encountered. The parts feels absolutely solid and when screwed together the parts all sit flush together smooth. It takes a few more rotations than you would expect to get it unscrewed but this reassures you of the quality of the product and how solid it is when all together. The sifting screen is solid and nothing about the grinder feels cheap at all. So far it hasn't mattered how much I have put in it, it grinds through everything with ease and is also taking the place of a jar because it holds so much as well. I recommend this product for anyone who wants the best quality grinder available. The parts are high quality, the build is high quality, and the results are high quality. Happy Grindage :]
Review by Edward
  • 5.0
Once in a Lifetime, cheap compared to product used in it!
I bought the SpaceCase Titanium Grinder around a thousand days ago on 2011. Ever since the first day, I fell deeply in love with my grinder. I've recommended it to everyone that has something to do with the huge grinder!

I basically opine that this grinder is perfectly crafted to offer easy grinding with no drag or stoppage, nice size grind that can be augmented by simply turning over your grinder downwards while you grind and the product doesn't even filter into the seams. The dust hardly adheres to the black finish which therefore ends up in the last chamber which is very plentiful! The "dust" this grinder accumulates could probably double or triple the amount of "dust" produced in my buddies hardware.

This grinder is a one time investment, and since you're basically married with your grinder, you might as well get the best one out there.
Review by Will
  • 5.0
Where do i start?
It's amazing in every single way a grinder can be. Ground up 5.5 and still had plenty space. What was I grinding with before i bought this? This grinder is so good in fact that i probably wont ever buy another grinder again.
Review by Brently
  • 5.0
These are the Best!
Bought another one for the house. These are the best quality grinders out there. Don't forget to leave the triangle in the collection chamber, which will help knock the keef down through the screen.
Review by Brently
  • 5.0
Best Grinder Ever
Grinds so smooth! Holds a bunch. Sifter works well and will accumulate a ton of keef.
Review by Titanium
  • 5.0
Must buy!
So much better than any other grinder I've used. No sticking when turning or dents when gently tapped. Never will I go back to non-titanium
Review by Rich
  • 5.0
Quality goods!
Shreds easily and stores well!!
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1-10 of 15 Reviews

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