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Space Case Titanium Grinder Sifter Medium

Space Case Herb Grinder Sifter with Magnet Zoom

Space Case Titanium Grinder Sifter Medium

Medium titanium herb grinder/sifter w/magnet

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Space Case Titanium Grinder Sifters are cut from solid aircraft aluminum and then anodized with a special titanium alloy. This finish takes the finest grinder and adds increased durability and scratch resistance as well as a non stick surface.

Space Case Titanium Grinder Sifters are made up of 4 pieces and 3 distinct stages:
Space Case Titanium grinder and pollen sifter

Stage 1 is the herb grinder which easily shreds anything you put in its diamond shaped teeth! Small holes allow the ground up material to pass to the second stage. A neodymium magnet securely holds it in place when not in use.

Stage 2 is the sifter and storage portion of the Space Case. All the medium size pieces are captured while the finer particles (pollen) make it through the stainless steel sifter screen.

The final stage is the pollen collection chamber. Pollen collects over time and can be then made into very special herbal concoctions using a pollen press. Use the included Space Case scraper triangle to help remove material caught in the screen and harvest.

The approximate external diameter is 2 3/8 inches with an approximate height of 1 7/8 inches.

Genuine Space Case Grinder Sifters are Made in the USA from the finest materials and finished to perfection. They may cost a little more but they are also Guaranteed for Life; No Questions Asked (if real)! Be careful of cheap knock-offs.

Made In The USA
Space Case

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8 Reviews

Review by Karl
  • 5.0
Works as advertised
I am very pleased with this grinder.
I produces a nice course cut product.
Review by JediForce
  • 5.0
Works as advertised! I have used for a few weeks now with zero problems. Very easy to use. Looks like I'm going to need a pollen press now! ;)

Review by JARROD
  • 5.0
It's so simple to use, great grinder...
Review by Danielle
  • 5.0
This is the best grinder I've ever owned, very sharp.
Review by John
  • 5.0
So very nice
There's a tool for every job and this is the finest pollen grinder I've ever used.
Review by Bob Marley
  • 5.0
No doubt, the best grinder you can buy.
This is the second Space Case I have owned and it's quality is unsurpassed. Although the only reason why I had to replace my old one is because the screen was torn. I think because I kept the triangle in the top section. Best to use a dime or something with soft edges I guess. I don't think there is a way to replace the screen from what I have found. :-)
Review by Joshua
  • 5.0
Worth it!
This is by far the best grinder I have ever had. I've used wood, plastic, metal, but this is by far the best! Very solid yet not too heavy, screws in place perfect, grinds nice and smooth and the sifter is great. A must have for anyone who grinds up their product!
Review by JK
  • 5.0
Really is worth the price if you're serious about your grinder
I used an acrylic grinder for a long time, and when I lost it a few months ago I decided it was time to treat myself to an upgrade. I'm kind of a geek about this stuff and I did extensive research :B, and time after time, all signs pointed to this grinder.

It's got a lot of weight to it and feels very solid. All the pieces screw together nice and tight and the actual grinding mechanism is very smooth. I love the pollen screen--I keep my ground herb in the second chamber and give it a few shakes throughout the day.

When you're grinding your herb, be sure to use the grinder upside down for a time before you turn it over. This way you can get your goods ground up nice and fine before they fall through the holes into the second chamber.

I'm very happy with this goodie and I don't think I'll be needing to buy a new grinder for a very long time.

8 Reviews

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