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14/18mm Adjustable Titanium Nail

14/18mm Adjustable Titanium Nail Zoom

14/18mm Adjustable Titanium Nail

Double Jointed Grade 2 titanium nail for dabbing

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Two sizes in one; 14 and 18mm Double Jointed and fully adjustable Titanium Nail. A required accessory for your domed Oil Rig(s) with either a 14mm or a 18mm male joint. Finest quality Grade 2 Titanium.

Place on your male glass joint, heat with torch, cover with the dome and ready to go. About 1.75" tall. Adjust the height based on the size of your dome.

Titanium Nails reach higher temperatures, heat faster and hold their heat longer than glass nails making them the ideal tool for any dabbing aficionado.

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