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Undoo Clear Head Supplement

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Undoo Clear Head Supplement

Too high? Take an Undoo and Feel better in ~20 mins

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Limited Availability: We've enjoyed testing out the Undoo. Now we're interested to see what your experiences have been before we pick it up for distribution. Let us know how it's helped you or a friend out of a situation.

What is Undoo Softgel?
An EMERGENCY softgel capsule intended to ease the side effects of cannabis over consumption.

What is the Best Way to Take Undoo
Always take with PLENTY of water (at least 12 oz). You must take the softgels with water for maximum results. You can take 1 or 2 softgels, depending upon your need (for swifter relief, take both softgels at once). For Edibles see comments below.

What Should I Expect after taking Undoo?
You can expect that you will achieve a sense of clarity yet still feel the benefits of the THC. You will be left clear headed but calm, cool, and comfortable.

When I Take an Undoo Softgel, How Long Will It Take for the Uncomfortable Feeling to Go Away?
The amount of time will vary, depending upon the individual, the type and amount of Cannabis consumed and the ingestion method. UNDOO softgel eases the intensity, and shortens the duration of the effects, bringing swift relief typically within 5-20 minutes. However, with strong edibles and concentrates it could take up to an hour for significant clarity.

Will It Kill My Buzz?
Undoo is an emergency supplement intended to clear your head and ease the intensity of the buzz in a short period of time. It does not eliminate the feeling of well being often experienced with THC.

How Does Undoo Softgel Work?
Undoo softgel is a supplement that works with the body’s natural ability to come down, promoting clarity in the presence of THC.

Does It Work With Edibles?
Yes, Undoo softgels have been designed to work with all types of Cannabis products. For Edibles: take 1 or 2 Undoo softgels with water. While 1 will usually help reverse many edible situations, you may want to take 2 if you are dealing with something extra strong or you are extra sensitive. If you take 1 and your edible “repeats” on you, then take the 2nd softgel. The 2nd Undoo softgel will help with the remaining fogginess.

Does Undoo Work With Dabs?
Yes, Undoo softgels work very well with dabs helping ease the over-concentrated feeling. If you need fast clarity... if you suddenly have to deal with life.... Undoo will help you to feel clear headed rapidly.

How About Morning After Fog?
Yes! Undoo is formulated to promote clarity, so if you are dealing with leftover consumption issues (still high or foggy when you wake up), take 1 Undoo softgel in the morning with water! It clears your head!

What is in Undoo Softgel?
The Patented ( U.S. Pat. No. 9,918,947) Undoo softgel contains a formulated mix of Vitamin E, Olive Oil, and Olivetol. ​ Each packet contains two softgels.

Does Undoo Have CBD in It?
Undoo softgels have NO CBD's or other Cannabinoids in them. This supplement is actually legal in all 50 states unlike CBD's.

Does It Work With Alcohol?
The Undoo emergency supplement is NOT intended for use with alcohol. It is formulated for use with cannabis only. It will not make you any less drunk!

Is Undoo Softgel a Detox Formula? (will It Help Me Pass a Drug Test?)
No, Undoo softgels are intended to clear you head, not your urine!

While the Undoo is a patented natural supplement, without legal issues in any state, 1 Percent recommends following all local laws when getting to the point where you would need to take one.

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