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UNDURCUVUR Store Glass Jar w/Net

UNDURCUVR Store Glass Jar w/rubber Net Zoom

UNDURCUVUR Store Glass Jar w/Net

Air tight and odor proof glass jar with protective rubber net

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UNDURCUVUR glass jars have a unique design and functionality. No snaps, no screws, no latches; just an airtight rubber cap and net to seal and protect.

That soft rubber cap fits perfectly with the glass body to create an airtight, odor proof seal with just a push. Pocket and/or purse sized with a see through Net to see your stash without having to open/close. The all around rubber coverage ensures your stash travels without incident and also adds a grippy exterior to prevent butter fingers.

- Odor Proof herb storage
- Air Tight
- Water Proof
- All the benefits of glass with none of the risk of breakage

Capacity: This jar can hold around an 1/8th of your standard legal herb and as much as a 1/4 when you're storing denser flowers

4.5" tall x 1.75" wide from thick 3 mm glass with a 2.5 mm rubber cover

* Also holds q-tips!

Bonus: The UNDURCUVUR Net allows a view into your herbs. This makes it a perfect companion for the Integra Boost humidity packs. Each boost includes a humidity indicator card that you can drop in the jar. Check on your herbs without popping the top like you have to on a Cvault.

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