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Personal sploof with HEPA and coconut shell carbon filters
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This latest What Smell? Smoke Filter marks a significant leap forward in personal filtering tech with an even smaller environmental footprint; 98% Less Plastic than a SmokeBuddy!

What's New?:
- HEPA Filtration in an pocket sized tube! Improve that IAQ while removing the smell
- New Hemp/Plastic mouthpiece. 30% American Hemp & 70% Recycled plastic.
- Even lighter than the previous model!
- The most Eco #; 98% Less Plastic than a Smoke Buddy while just as effective!

The What Smell? Personal Smoke Filter (V3.0!) is going to be your go-to now that we're all staying home. Wherever and whatever you smoke you'll want to be Neighborly; or at least not get your place all dusty by blowing smoke everywhere.

The What Smell? blow through smoke filter system is advanced yet also super portable, eco friendly and safe to use. This is the easiest to exhale version by far and lasts 50% longer longer than the previous edition. If you were a fan of the What Smell? 2's size, rest assured, it's still small and even a little bit lighter.

Exhale into the hemp/plastic mouthpiece, designed for easier exhales and minimal leakage. From there your smoke passes through multiple layers of coconut shell carbon and advanced filters that scrub odors and toxic pollutants from your exhale. Good for 150+ exhales; possibly more depending on frequency/size of exhales and type of smoke. Even though effectiveness will eventually start to decline (can only suck in so much pollution in a tiny tube), the What Smell will continue to make a dent in the smell and most importantly, the indoor air pollution, until you can replace it.

Stealthy and Portable
About the same size as a fancy lip balm, the What Smell? easily fits in the palm of your hand when in use and in your pocket or purse on the go. Works great anywhere you have nosy neighbors or just want to be discrete. Carbon filters kill the odor and essential oils help cover up any smoke leakage. Reduces lingering smells on furniture, in the car and on your clothes. Only 3.3 inches tall (w/cap on) and 1 inch wide.

What Smell? Smoke Filters are Paraben and Phthalate free, 100% non-toxic and simple to use. The fresh natural scents are vegan with essential oils! This natural aromatherapy not only freshens the air but may boost your mood too. The combination of filters and carbon significantly reduces the indoor air pollution caused by 2nd hand smoke. Kids, Pets and non-smokers alike will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Eco Friendly
Don't feel (totally) bad tossing your What Smell? when it's used up. Unlike other sploofs on the market, the What Smell starts out from ~80% recycled materials and it gets better from there. Designed to be Compostable when done, from the recycled kraft paper tube with soy based inks all the way down to the paper-framed HEPA filter; Gone in ~120 days! Even the initial retail packaging is sustainable with a minimal wrap to seal in freshness without piling up in the landfill. Definitely no stupid plastic clam shell package that requires power tools to open, only to be tossed into the ocean afterwards. Who hates the ocean that much?

Most sustainable feature: Made in the USA instead of China!

  • Natural, Nontoxic & Paraben/Phthalate free
  • Natural Essential Oils with Terpenes!
  • Disguised as a fancy eco lipbalm
  • Use it at home, in the car, at the (home) office, at concerts and clubs (maybe); just about anywhere you need to be discreet

Available Scents:

  • Extra Strength for maximum minty-ness; Cool Eucalyptus & Peppermint easily covers any leakage.
  • Valencia Orange for a burst of freshness and energy. Orange with a splash of tangerine!
  • Honey Almond for just about anywhere you would eat a cookie and enjoy a puff; Reminds one of the local coffee shop.

If you would like to order a special combo of What Smell? scents (if ordering more than one), either add one at a time or just specify your preferences on the order form under "Special Instructions". We'll take care of it.

Side Note: We carried the Hello Neighbor smoke mask for almost 2 decades. In searching for a replacement we tried the Smoke Buddy Jr and Smoke Buddy, etc. but it's been hard to reconcile the waste, size and cost of those alternatives. With similar performance, half the cost, 1/3 the size and 98% less plastic (!) than the Smoke Buddy Jr., the What Smell wins for Smokers on the go; and it's made locally in NYC no less :-) Please give this new and improved version a try and let us know what you think.

Made in the USA (Brooklyn!)



  • 5

    Posted by JohnnieBlaze on May 20th 2021

    "this thing works wonders and i love it,fits right inside ur hand..as long as it's a pipe or so,u will be fine..i will def be ordering more of these,must have if u live in a apartment complex.."

  • 4
    Very Clever Product

    Posted by Yam Master on Mar 1st 2021

    "It definitely works as advertised,even better than expected. Very effective for reducing smoke. Ideal for anything not rolled,because exhaling through this after every hit of a spliff,etc. it honestly ruins the session a bit. The primary issue is the limited airflow,which causes the smoke to linger in your throat for longer,causing damage and irritation."

  • 5
    What smell

    Posted by Wayne on Jan 23rd 2021

    I call it my under cover buddy

  • 5
    What Smell?

    Posted by J. Rizzle on Jan 17th 2021

    it actually does eliminate the odor!!!

  • 5
    Works as described

    Posted by Ryan on Dec 29th 2020

    This little tube really does cover up the smell of smoke pretty well.

  • 5
    Works Incredibly Well!

    Posted by Michael on Dec 16th 2020

    I couldn't believe how this actually eliminates the odor.

  • 5
    cool stuff

    Posted by Jacob on Dec 13th 2020

    looks nice excited to try it

  • 5
    Really Works!

    Posted by Meow on Dec 1st 2020

    "While this product can't remove the burn smoke,it contains all the exhale smoke - makes a huge difference. I highly recommend these smoke filters!"

  • 5
    What smell?

    Posted by Drew on Nov 12th 2020

    Nice strong minty smell. Doesn’t cut out all the odor but definitely masks most of it so it’s a bit more discrete.

  • 5
    Love this item

    Posted by Geno on Nov 2nd 2020

    Works really well