What Smell? Smoke Odor Removing Room Spray Valencia Orange

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Natural Room Spray That Removes Smoke Odors at the Molecular Level

What Smell? utilizes natural plant-based ingredients in this brand new odor removing room spray to quickly eliminate cannabis and tobacco smoke odor as well as all kinds of offensive pet and human smells from the air. Concentrated essential oil based formula for an uplifting air freshener spray that truly removes odors at the molecular level rather than just cover them up!

What Smell? Odor Removing Spray comes in a shiny glass bottle, not plastic. Besides looking super fancy, who needs more plastic in their life?

How Exactly Does What Smell? Clear the Air?
What Smell? combines the power of essential oils with our tried and tested smell eliminating technology that works at the molecular level to trap bad odors! Together these naturally remove any lingering smoke odors while leaving behind the refreshing aroma of fresh squeezed Valencia Oranges.

How to Use: Give the bottle a quick Shake then spritz 3-4 sprays into the air after smoking or any time an offensive odors pop up. Consider spraying a spritz before getting started for extra complete coverage. Works in the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom and/or the car. Just about anywhere you want to eliminate a bad odor, What Smell? can help.

As with all natural essential oil based formulas, spot test on a small inconspicuous piece of fabric before spraying all over. Avoid spraying directly on wood, silk or plastic car dashboards. Don't spray the children or pets directly. Don't spray in your mouth no matter how delicious it smells.


About the Ingredients
Blends of Essential oils and that amazing What Smell? Odor Capture Technology work together to quickly neutralize bad odor molecules so they never reach yours or your neighbor's noses.

No synthetic fragrance, alcohol, parabens, or phthalates in our products make for a safe, water & plant-based room spray air freshener formula that really works without making you choke or tear up.

Safety + Warnings
 Use only as directed. Don’t use on leather, suede, or silk fabrics that may water spot. Don't spray directly on wood, or plastic that may be exposed to sunlight. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Do not ingest. Do not spray directly toward face. If eye contact occurs, rinse well with water. Avoid eye contact. For external use only; do not ingest. Use in well ventilated area. Keep away from children. Never tested on animals and let's keep it that way.

Size Guide: This 2oz travel size bottle delivers approximately 150 uses at 3-4 spritzes per use. Spritz less and this beautiful bottle lasts even longer!

No Synthetic Fragrances
What Smell? uses natural essential oils, complete with terpenes intact to make any space smell amazing; like fresh squeezed Valencia Oranges!

No Parabens or Phthalates; none of that artificial stuff.

No Aerosols, Alcohol, or Formaldehyde so you can breathe normally.

Packaged in a glass bottle instead of cheap plastic bottle. Who hates the ocean that much?

Available Scent: Valencia Orange for a burst of freshness and energy. Natural Orange essential oils with a splash of tangerine and all the terpenes in tact! What Smell? promises more fresh scents in the not too distant future.

Side Note: We have literally checked out Every Single "Cannabis Room Spray" out there:

 - Ozium literally makes every person in the room choke back tears; that can't be good for you.
 - Cannabolish kinda works if you like the smell of Ben Gay; and don't mind it sucking the terps out of your herbs.
 - Veil doesn't smell anywhere nearly as naturally citrus-y. Not sure about effectiveness as we stopped there.
 - Poo-Pourri sprays? Poo has nothing on Cannabis smoke that gets blown all over the room. That's why What Smell? room spray works great for pet and human odors too!

Don't even get us started on the cheap plastic bottles killing sea turtles or the BPA lined aluminum faking like it's eco. This What Smell? Room Spray in a glass bottle is a clear winner and a perfect complement to the What Smell? Smoke Filter.

Made in the USA (NYC!)


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    What Smell?

    Posted by David on Jun 15, 2024

    I live in a smoke-free housing Authority. I share common walls with 2 neighbors. As a Medical Marijuana patient, I must be very careful with my smoke. I use edibles & I vape to keep the odor down but I enjoy an occasional Joint & I sometimes use a 1-hitter to adjust my level of usage. What Smell? Helps me to use my meds as needed with NO worry of letting people know that I'm using. As long as I'm living in a smoke-free housing, I'll be using this product.

  • 5

    Posted by Tony on Apr 11, 2024

    I must like them because I keep buying them for me and friends

  • 5
    What smell

    Posted by Ali B on Feb 26, 2024

    Very good product eliminates odors quickly with just a few sprays.

  • 5
    Very Pleasant

    Posted by Neal on Dec 28, 2023

    Got a bottle with order and it works quite well and has a very pleasant aroma not overbearing!!

  • 5

    Posted by Jerry on Aug 10, 2023

    Gets rid of any smell easily

  • 5
    That smell

    Posted by Holly on Nov 13, 2022

    A++ for making smells disappear

  • 5
    Kills smell forever!

    Posted by Marc R on Nov 12, 2022

    Like everything I thought it was another gimmick but I said hey let me give it a try. This spray actually works! And it’s not over bearing like other sprays, def gonna re-up on this. Thanks guys