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Wooden Herb Grinder

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Wooden Herb Grinder

Small wood herb grinder

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Small wooden herb grinder made from dark hard woods and with steel teeth. Perfect first time pocket herb grinder. Also good if you tend to lose grinders and don't want to invest in a precision machined aluminum or titanium version. Makes a great gift.

2 inch outside diameter. Imported.

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17-24 of 31 Reviews

Review by John
  • 3.0
Can't beat the price, you get what you pay for
This is a really good deal and affordable for a first grinder. Haven't seen how it works in the long term, but I find in the couple of times I have used it that it takes a lot of turning to get the desired consistency, but that could be that I am expecting too much out of a bargain product. If you aren't too picky its a great pick-up, but if you are looking for really nice quality than you might consider upgrading to a metal grinder.

I have enjoyed it and haven't noticed any other problems!
Review by John L
  • 2.0
Sticky early hard to handle
A little small and the wood resins quickly. Not a good grip but totally functional and affordable
Review by Nukedogg
  • 5.0
Does the job well. It works, it's fast, it's cheap. What more could you ask for?
Review by Robert
  • 2.0
Not bad
One of the metal prongs was bent when I got it so it doesnt grind as well. Other than that i suppose its worth the money. I would rather have gone with one of the metal ones though.
Review by Jenga
  • 5.0
Great little grinder!
My first grinder - and it works great! Perfect size, perfect price!
Review by Laurie
  • 3.0
Meh's so-so. I don't like how my product sticks in the prongs and I need to dig it out with a toothpick, but it's easier than picking it apart with my fingers. Overall, a decent product.
Review by Smitty
  • 5.0
Works great on fresh and dried herbs. Price is right!
Review by GlockGen4
  • 3.0
Works ok
Good quality grinder. I keep reading "takes a couple of twists" but I find that it takes a lot of twists. It could be what I am putting in it? Other than that, it is cool!
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17-24 of 31 Reviews

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