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Zen 79mm Auto Rolling Box

by: Zen

Zen 79mm Auto Rolling Box Zoom

Zen 79mm Auto Rolling Box

by: Zen
Automatic metal rolling machine for up to 1 1/4 size rolling papers

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This automatic rolling machine makes it easy to roll your own smokes as well as gives you a case to store your tobacco, filters (optional) and rolling papers. 79mm is the same as 1 1/4 size rolling papers allowing for larger roll your own than other roll boxes.

Polished metal case with easy to follow instructions included.

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Review by Brenda J
  • 2.0
Is it me?
As far as auto rollers go, this is good except, the flap won't stay put. i have to keep a finger in it or it pushes out and dumps my stuff in the tray. once i have it loaded, i have to keep it in place while fumbling to feed the paper into it. my single wide rizla lays in place so i have free hands to work with. This one only leaves me with one free hand. i don't know if i need to use it more to "tame" it into place or if it's the way they all are. however, once you get the paper in place and close it, all works according to plan.
Review by James
  • 5.0
ROLLER. Works great with little practice.
Review by Michael
  • 5.0
Takes some practice but rolls nice joint with patience
Review by Thomas
  • 5.0
5 star rating
Once I got the amount right, it rolls very well.
Review by Brian
  • 3.0
Thought it would make a tighter result?
Was not as good as I thought it would be. Maybe I need to play around with it.
Review by Mark
  • 5.0
Great machine
I have wrist disease so this is so much better
Review by RUBY
  • 3.0
I'm sorry
I'm sorry but the roll is not tight enough. I watched the youtube video and not tight there.. A Total waste of money after three times I'm now using my manual roller.
Review by Gotcha!
  • 5.0
You Gotta Have One Of These!
I Know, I Know, Some People Are Gonna Hate On You When They First See You Using One Of These... BUT, You'll Be Amazed How Well This Thing Works!!! Fast, Easy, And The Best Part Is The Roll Is Perfect! It Last Much Longer Than A Hand Roll! The Speed Of Service & Shipping Were Amazing!
Review by Jennifer
  • 5.0
Ol' Reliable
I use this constantly and it has never let me down... one of the best purchases I ever made.
Review by Todd
  • 4.0
Great roller with a few minor downfalls
I'm rather happy with this roller. It could roll a little tighter, but it rolls pretty good and firm when you use the right amount of filler. Note that the instructions the company provides for this product are pretty terrible at even giving you a clear idea of how to use the product in the first place, much less giving you enough info to get the most out of the roller. I'd recommend ignoring them and just looking up user-made instructional videos on youtube.
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1-10 of 11 Reviews

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