Zen Slim Cigarette Filters bag/200

by Zen
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200 slim cigarette filters
Zen Slim Cigarette Filters are quality and economical with 200 filters to roll your own cigarettes and save. Each bag of loose filters includes a resealable zip lock top to avoid spillage.

Slim sized for slimmer sized smokes. These filter tips are 6mm in diameter.

Also available in Regular (~7.5mm) and Superslim (~5mm) from Zen.


  • 5
    Zen filters are totally a zen experience

    Posted by Abbylyn on Sep 25, 2017

    "I enjoy the slim filters the most from Zen. The tobacco lasts much longer and it's great! Perfect size,too!"

  • 4
    Pretty Good

    Posted by Justin on Jul 27, 2015

    "Nothing special,cheap and easy. If thats what you're looking for than these are perfect for you."

  • 5
    Perfect fit

    Posted by Jennifer on Jul 08, 2015

    "I roll my own cigarettes to keep my consumption both low and ""safer"",these tips are PERFECT!"

  • 5
    Very Nice

    Posted by Kendall on May 08, 2014

    Excellent product. Nice price too.

  • 4
    "Nice product. A bit larger than Swan,which is my fav. "

    Posted by Cheryl on Oct 27, 2013

    Would purchase again.

  • 4
    Cut back on smoking

    Posted by L on Oct 06, 2013

    "Love the size,great for cutting back on smoking!"

  • 5

    Posted by Smoke on Jul 24, 2013

    "These filters are sweet! With tax going up on ciggs,rollin my own with these filters <br>is saving me a ton! Love em the only prob is getting my lazy a** to roll em."

  • 4
    Very good product !

    Posted by L on Oct 09, 2012

    "Fits perfect in the roller,thanks"

  • 5
    100% satisfied

    Posted by Coley55 on Apr 27, 2011

    I have never used filters before but decided to opt for the healthier smoke. Having zero pull-through is a great advantage as well.

  • 5
    The Best

    Posted by Felipe on Jan 27, 2011

    "Of all the filters one can buy,these are by far the greatest. ""Regular"" sized filters are too big for single width papers and are just plain annoying. But these filters are the perfect size for rolling a cigarette. They are simply too perfect; although they are made of acetate (i prefer the ""all-natural"" smoke) I must continue to purchase them. "