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Zig Zag Rolling Papers Bundle

by: Zig Zag

Zig Zag Rolling Papers Bundle with Classic Zig-Zag Orange Zoom

Zig Zag Rolling Papers Bundle

by: Zig Zag
Excellent starter pack for Zig Zag Rolling Papers

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For those Zig Zag rolling paper fans looking to up their game, we put together a nice little bundle for you; A little classic with a little new for a complete Zig Zag smoking experience!

Zig-Zag Rolling Papers began in 1879 by Maurice and Jacques Braunstein. In 1894 they invented the process of "interleaving" rolling papers. They called their papers Zig-Zag after the zigzag alternating packaging process. You've been able to get your Zig-Zag by the pack or full box @ 1Percent since 1995.

Everything one needs to get started rolling with classic 1 1/4 Zig Zag Rolling Papers:

1x Zig Zag 1 1/4 Orange Rolling Papers - $2.25
1x Zig Zag Organic Hemp 1 1/4 Rolling Papers - $2.25
1x Zig Zag Unbleached 1 1/4 Rolling Papers - $2.25
1x Classic Zig Zag Small Rolling Tray - $9.99
1x Zig Zag 78mm Rolling Machine - $3.99
1x Quintessential Hemp Filter Tips - $0.79
1x Orange Clipper Lighter Mini Soft Touch - $1.29

$22.81 Retail Value for only $19.99. Get a great gift/starter pack of both the Classic and the latest Zig Zag papers with 1 click, all while saving 12%!

*Some assembly required... :-)

Get 100% genuine Zig Zag rolling papers and accessories direct from 1 Percent. We've sold only real Zig Zag rolling papers since we started online in 1995. Friends don't let friends smoke cheap Chinese knock offs!
Zig Zag

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