Mini Spiral Glass Bat

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3 inch glass one hitter bat with flat mouthpiece
Mini Spiral hand blown glass bat a nice little one hitter with vivid colors and raked lines. The flat mouthpiece makes it easy to hold in your mouth and also keeps it from rolling off the table. Runs about 3 inches long.

Indicate any color preferences on the order form from greens to blues to reds. Will definitely be slightly different from the picture as each is unique and hand made. Excellent way to reduce your intake or just a stylish way to smoke herbs.


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    good lil pipe

    Posted by 420 momma on Jul 31, 2009

    I bought this about 6months ago its not a bad lil pipe it did have a small lil chip in it when i got it in the mail. I didnt want to send it back because of the time it would take and the crack has got bigger and bigger =(