Pure Hemp Single Wide Rolling Papers

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Classic Hemp rolling paper with the "Pure Hemp" watermark

Extra light, slow burning classic hemp rolling paper (15g/m2). 100% Hemp rolling paper sized Single Wide with the "Pure Hemp" watermark.

Classic Pure Hemp rolling papers are also a great value. Try a pack if you roll up your own smokes and looking for something better than Zig-Zag White rolling papers.

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  • 4

    Posted by Chace on Nov 28, 2011

    They burn nice and taste great. The only problem I had was the glue burns a little slow but if you don't roll like a chump you should be good

  • 5
    Very even and smooth burning

    Posted by JVH on Nov 04, 2010

    "Smooth taste,slow,even burning,Definitely a quality buy!"

  • 5
    "Nice papers. slow burn,cleanish ash."

    Posted by We do what we do on Jun 03, 2010

    "Nice papers. Don't ash as cleanly as the clubs for example,but definitely burn a lot slower. I love these papers and would recommend them to anyone. Thinnish (thin enough,but not as sheer as an Elements for example),good roller,slow burner and the taste is subtle enough. A nice smoke."

  • 5
    Perfect papers

    Posted by William on May 26, 2010

    "I love these papers. So lite you hardly notice it at all. No taste,very smooth. Slow burning.<br>Best price,too. Thanks 1Percent."

  • 5
    No paper taste

    Posted by Michael on Apr 28, 2010

    smooth taste not harsh

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Karim on Apr 25, 2010

    "This is a great product for two reasons. First,it rivals any other rolling paper in quality. Second,it is substantially cheaper than other brands. Cheaper and just as good/better makes it a fantastic product."

  • 5
    Favorite papers

    Posted by Wes on Mar 02, 2010

    Pure Hemp Papers have been my favorite papers for a long time

  • 5
    Nice paper

    Posted by Joseph on Aug 19, 2009

    "Not a finicky paper person,but these seem nice. Good to know the source of what you are smoking,eh?"

  • 4
    nice-slow burn

    Posted by Tim on Aug 02, 2009

    nice-slow burn

  • 5
    Excellent. Thin. Tasteless. Expensive.

    Posted by Tommy on Jul 31, 2009

    "Very smooth paper. Practically tasteless. Strong yet super thin. Except for the price,it's the best paper I've ever tried."