Pure Hemp Unbleached 1 1/4 Rolling Papers

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Unbleached Hemp rolling paper with the classic "Pure Hemp" watermark

The latest from Pure Hemp Rolling Papers take the super fine, slow burning, Pure Hemp rolling paper we all know and love and offer an unbleached version of this classic rolling paper.

 Available in the always popular 1 1/4 size (use 79mm Rolling Machines).

Paper Size:
1 1/4
Paper Style:
Length (mm):


  • 5
    Most under-rated paper hemp paper.

    Posted by Jon on Feb 20, 2014

    "These are by far the best papers I have ever used. These papers use standard natural gum,and stick just as well as a Zig-Zag orange papers. Hemp provides the best traction and control by far in comparison to other thin papers.These papers burn just as evenly than the non hemp standard RAWS. I have used over 100 and not once have I had a run where I had to put it out and restart. I just ordered a pack of unbleached RAWS. P.S. Reverse roll and moisten heavily from the outside gum with the RAW papers."

  • 3
    Unbleached great stuff

    Posted by Mark on Dec 07, 2012

    Unbleached stuff is awesome

  • 5
    Numero uno!!

    Posted by Bruce on Nov 27, 2012

    Best bang for you buck currently available!!

  • 5
    The Cornerstone

    Posted by Ivory on Mar 20, 2012

    "The ""Originator"" if you asked me. When I wanted to clean up my smoking,these are the first papers I ordered....and still do!!"

  • 5
    Best papers I've ever used

    Posted by Thomas on Dec 19, 2011

    "My favorite hemp papers. Easy roll,clean burn and priced right."

  • 5
    "No taste,slow burn."

    Posted by Robert on Apr 17, 2011

    "Best papers that I've used.<br>Slow burn.<br>No taste.<br>Super thin,yet never tears.<br>No nasty aftertaste from the glue strip."

  • 5
    "Excellent papers. thin,slow burn,clean even burn"

    Posted by We are what we do on Jun 03, 2010

    "i really like the regular pure hemp papers and see little diff between those and these unbleached ones save for the fact that these are yellower.<br><br>These are very good papers. Not the sheerest you can find but thin enough without tearing,easiest to roll with,slow even and clean enough burn. The ash/taste isn't as clean as a club,for example,but these burn slower. Take your pick. Pure Hemp papers have a little more gum than necessary i think (broad strip) - that is the only thing i can complain about these papers. Well recommended."