RAW 79mm Hemp Plastic Rolling Machine

by RAW
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Eco Rolling Machine for 1 1/4 size rolling papers

This RAW Rolling Machine fits rolling papers from single width up to 1 1/4 size. This roller also includes "how to roll" instructions to get you started and an extra rolling apron so you know it will last you a while.

What makes this rolling machine unique is not what it does but what it is made out of. RAW Rolling Papers created the first rolling machine to be made from a natural hemp composite plastic! The hemp plastic was formulated and engineered in Germany and is not only sustainable but stronger. Can't really call this rolling machine eco friendly if it doesn't last.

Anyone can roll a perfect joint with a rolling machine. Read the instructions and then practice a few times and you're good for life. Seriously, these are the easiest way to roll where it almost feels like cheating. Almost.

Paper Size:
1 1/4


  • 5

    Posted by Vaderslady on Aug 08, 2020

    "the perfect rolling machine,easy to use"

  • 5

    Posted by Robert on Jul 27, 2020

    Love it

  • 4
    Great product

    Posted by Mike on Jun 25, 2020

    "I’m terrible at rolling my own smokes,so this rolling machine really helps. Since it’s made by Raw you know it’s a quality product. Just be patient and take your time when rolling. It sometimes can get a little jammed up. Overall though,I’m very happy with this product. "

  • 5
    great product

    Posted by paul on Jun 03, 2020

    works great

  • 5
    9 joints deep

    Posted by Jeremy on May 28, 2020

    It’s still rolling clean. Doesn’t feel cheap. Came with an extra apron.

  • 5
    Works Perfectly

    Posted by Jesse on May 16, 2020

    I've bought many rolling machines that break with the first use. About 20 rolls in and it still works like the first roll.

  • 5
    Great classic!

    Posted by kkpn on Dec 14, 2019

    "This is a classic 1.25 rolling machine. Very simple,durable,and made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. "

  • 3
    It’s okay

    Posted by Mike on Aug 04, 2019

    I got the wrong size but it worked very good

  • 5
    Never rolling by hand again

    Posted by D E A T H W I S H on Jan 12, 2019

    This machine is so useful. I don't ever have to struggle with making subpar joints anymore lol They always come out perfect

  • 5
    Works great!

    Posted by Anthony on Oct 14, 2018

    Simple and easy to use.