Smelly Proof Medium Bags Box/25

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Smell proof zip bags measuring 6.5 x 6.5in
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Smelly Proof Bags keep odors from getting out. Store tobacco, fish, herbs, cigars; anything that smells. These bags are tear and puncture resistant.

Packaged in a dispenser box of 25 Medium Smelly Proof Bags. Like lunch bags but much bigger and smell proof.

  • Tear and Puncture Resistant

  • Air Tight

  • Size: Each smell bag measures 6.5" x 6.5"

Bonus: Perfect size bag for the TSA when you travel with liquids in your carry-on luggage. Smelly Proof and Spill proof.


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    Excellent Product that WORKS

    Posted by eurobong on Sep 08, 2012

    "I'm very happy I purchased these stinky proof bags because they really work.. They stop the strongest smelliest stuff I put in there.. And when you open up the bag it smells like HEAVEN. I bought the bigger pack because I think it's a waste to buy it one by one.. I gave a bag to each of my friends and all my ""guys"". Everyone loves it!! I suggested 1 percent for the lowest price,because I took the time to look and I found the best price here.. Would highly suggest this!! you can keep a bag with you at all times in your backpack.. No one will have a clue.. your stuff in your bag wont smell like it probably does... and even the powerful residue smells from pipes and such are completely gone. GET IT!"

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    So far so good.

    Posted by Dave on Mar 06, 2011

    So far so good.