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1000 .625 Steel Pipe Screens

1000 .625 Steel Pipe Screens Zoom

1000 .625 Steel Pipe Screens

Bulk bag of 1000 .625 (5/8 inches) non-coated steel screens

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Bulk Bag of 1000 .625 (5/8 inch) non-coated steel screens for those who go through them faster than they can get them from the faucet.

Note: These screens are counted by machine and the actual number may vary by as much as +/- 10%. Feeling lucky?

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7 Reviews

Review by Bigbadroaddog
  • 5.0
Screens Screens Screens
Fast shipping, easy to order, good quality screens. Enough to last me years.
Review by greg
  • 4.0
Steel is better but not for Fumo
& these are good quality screens, BUT they don't fit the Fumo bowl correctly. There is a small groove cut around the base of the bowl, and if you place a .5" (1/2") or 12.7mm screen it fits in the groove perfectly.
Review by MadMark
  • 5.0
Just exactly what I ordered
Exact dimension, good size mesh, steel doesn't melt like brass. They clean well.
Review by Ralph
  • 5.0
Great screen.
Perfect size for the Fisherman's Friend Pipe. No cleaning when it becomes clogged. Remove the old screen and replace with a new screen. Great price for 1000 screens. Locally would have gotten 270 brass screens for the same money. Personally prefer the steel over the brass screens.
Review by Gage
  • 5.0
Awesome value
For a thousand screens, this is an awesome deal. I could only get around 300 at my local smoke shop for the same price.
They're sturdy enough for a few cleanings if you're as stingy as I am with your screens, yet plentiful enough that you won't feel bad tossing them away day to day. As a heavy user, this pack will last me over 2 years.
Review by Shelly
  • 4.0
Great value
Review by Steve
  • 4.0
They're screens...
I've always found steel to be better than brass and these fit the bill nicely. They're a little on the flimsy side but for the price and the amount of screens you get, I don't mind throwing them away instead of trying to unclog them.

7 Reviews

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