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Blazer Firefox Mini Torch

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Blazer Firefox Mini Torch

Mini butane torch for travel

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The Blazer Firefox mini butane torch is compact (4.5" tall). It's good for all kinds of general use including as a table top lighter and/or heating quartz glass.

This butane torch has a piezoelectric ignition system and provides a 2,500 degrees F, wind-resistant, blue flame for precision. This model will burn for approximately 20 minutes with a full fuel chamber, and has a lock that enables continuous operation. For safety it has a child-resistant trigger mechanism that most adults should be able to operate regardless of condition.

Firefox Mini Torch Specs:
2,500 degrees F, wind-resistant, blue flame
Refill with any Butane (Clipper of Vector butane recommended)
Burn time ~20 minutes on full tank
Child safety mechanism with lock for continuous use
Weighs only 7 oz
Stands a mere 4.5" tall

Blazer has manufactured handheld butane torches and lighters since 1985

Made in Japan
Blazer Torches

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