E-Z Wider Double Wide Rolling Papers

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Commercial rolling paper with a classic 70's vibe

Commercial rolling paper with a 70's kinda-success story attached.

(Real) E-Z Wider Rolling Papers are just expensive. It seems they keep raising their prices for no good reason so if cost is an object why not try one of our many other reasonably priced rolling papers on your next order? Pure Hemp, Smoking, Elements and/or RAW Rolling Papers are good places to start. All are available in size 1 1/2 papers as well which is pretty close to double wide.

Feel free to contact us for a personal recommendation on better values which also happen to be much better rolling papers.

E-Z Wider Rolling Paper was introduced back in 1972 by Bob Stiller & Burton Rubin with the name inspired by the film Easy Rider. These classic rolling papers are produced in Belgium now and Bob and Burton are long gone. Don't feel bad; Bob did pretty pretty good for himself...

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