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Formula 420 Glass Cleaner

Formula 420 Glass Pipe Cleaner Zoom

Formula 420 Glass Cleaner

1 Minute Glass, Metal & Ceramic pipe cleaner

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Formula 420® Glass Cleaner was the first to provide a 1 Minute Solution to the time consuming hassle of soaking and scrubbing that is associated with other glass pipe cleaners. Cleans Pyrex, Glass, Metal and Ceramics.

  • Formula 420 Glass Cleaner leaves no aftertaste

  • Biodegradable

  • Cleans and Deodorizes in seconds

  • 12 ounces for up to 4 cleanings.

  • Not for use on Acrylics and Plastics

    Formula 420 is how you clean your favorite glass pipes and only takes 1 Minute to clean, deodorize, and sanitize your glass. It's easy to use. Simply Shake, Rinse and Enjoy! Nothing better than a sparkling clean glass waterpipe or hand pipe.

    Formula 420 ships only in the US by ground services. We can't ship it Express or International (including Canada)
    Formula 420

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    Review by Hyper
    • 5.0
    Best if used frequently
    Very thorough and abrasive cleaner. Great for stubborn glassware with years of residue caked on. Not great for hard to reach places, but it loosens everything up enough where you can pick it out with a pipe cleaner.
    Review by Bred
    • 5.0
    Easy to use. No residue (or taste) left behind.
    Review by Ross
    • 5.0
    Been using for years
    I have used Formula 420 glass cleaner for more than 20 years. It gets the job done and is pretty efficient.
    Review by RUTH
    • 5.0
    does what it promises. great stuff.
    Review by AriesLady52
    • 5.0
    My Go-To for glass pipes
    I use glass pipes almost exclusively, and NOTHING but Formula 420 will clean pipe crud without the scrubbing and scraping that can score or even break the glass. Take a tight-lidded wide mouth jar, fill with F420, add a grody pipe, shake & let stand for 24 hours, shaking periodically. Fish the pipe out with tongs, rinse and DONE!!
    Brillianly clean pipe! Put the lid on the jar and use it over and over until it's too stinky to clean effectively. This stuff is AWESOME!!
    Review by bigbird
    • 2.0
    Not a good value.
    I have tried this product twice with the same results. It does do a good job of cleaning my small glass spoon pipes but! I had both bottles turn to a block of solid cement after only a few uses. I stored the bottles upright in a desk drawer properly sealed and this happened both times so not a good value.
    Review by Alex
    • 5.0
    Highly satisfied
    This stuff works great. Just gotta shake it up real good before you pour out the contents.
    Review by Christian
    • 5.0
    Quick and easy
    great way to clean and deodorize your gear
    Review by Jere
    • 5.0
    Formula 420 can't be beat!
    There is nothing better to 'open things up' for good things to come...
    Review by Cameron
    • 5.0
    this is a nice little cleaner that's better than jut rubbing alcohol, great for bongs with those hard to reach places.
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    1-10 of 50 Reviews

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