MTP Glass Mismatched Sherlock

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1 of a Kind Glass Sherlock from Monkey Throw Poop
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Always grateful to be able to pop in Monkey Throw Poop subterraneum East Village, NYC glass studio and pick up a few one of a kind glass pieces. One such find is this new Mismatched Sherlock in Sparkly Blue Cheese!

This Sherlock from MTP is designed to give you a big, long, and classy draw without the staleness that can come with some bigger dry pieces. It features a fire wigwag neck section and MTP's signature Mismatched linework around the bowl and carb.

The MTP Sherlock also features a Mismatched milli marble/kickstand. All highlighted with GreasyGlass Sparkly Blue Cheese.

This super comfortable dry sherlock glass pipe measures up at approx 9.5" long from end to end. Signed by the artist.

Check Monkey Throw Poop's Instagram feed for more glass goodness:: @mtpglass

Handblown in the USA (NYC!)