My Bud Vase Mermaid

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Ocean themed waterpipe that doubles as a flower vase
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My Bud Vase wants you to say Shell-o to the Mermaid of the high seas! An exquisite waterpipe for your home, as you slip into a warm bath, you’ll see how the Mermaid transforms your smoking experience.

Contoured in fine ceramic, The Mermaid's textured scales and dipped crackle-glazed finish mirror the ocean itself. This waterpipe comes with a matching sea green glass bowl, shimmery coral poker, and a hemp-wick ribbon holding a delicate cowrie shell.

The Mermaid from My Bud Vase is a powerful presence calling on your inner voyager to escape into an ocean of creativity and discovery. Just add seaweed!

This Mermaid water pipe measures up at 10.5 inches tall by about 3 inches diameter at the base. This is no bong; the Mermaid is way too classy.

Included in your Mermaid My Bud Vase:
9mm Mermaid Custom Slide with ~2.75" large bubble bowl
Fixed Downstem
Coral Flower Poker
Hemp Wick with Cowrie shell
My Bud Vase Certificate of Authenticity