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PukinBeagle 10mm Quartz Nail

PukinBeagle 10mm Quartz Nail Zoom

PukinBeagle 10mm Quartz Nail

Super clean American quartz nails

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10mm Quartz Nail from the one and only PukinBeagle. When you prefer the torch, nail and dome method, American Quartz is the way to go. Fits oil rigs w/10mm male joint.

Standard sized for regular size domes. What this indicates is how far it sticks out from the joint as the maria ring comes to slightly above the mid way point on the shaft. If you have a standard sized dome, standard is the way to go so not too far to reach down to dab.

Pop on your 10mm male glass joint, heat with torch and ready to go. About 1.75" tall.

- Thick American quartz at an affordable price.
- Quartz holds heat longer than boro nails
- Superior resistance to heating/cooling cycles
- Cleaner tasting than titanium (IMHO)
- Not Made in China

Made in USA (CO)

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